James Hurysz

James Hurysz was born in New York City not long after World War II ended. Both of his parents were born in the city, in fact. He went to private schools in Western and Central New York that helped him get ready for college. After that, Jim served in the U.S. Army for two years. Before he joined the US Department of Commerce, he worked as a Quality Assurance specialist for a number of large companies.

James Hurysz used to work for the government, but now he is a quality assurance consultant for a number of large industrial companies in the Northeast. Jim moved from the Northeast to Arlington County because manufacturing jobs were going away there. Industrial companies in the Southeast could use his QA consulting services, which included information QA.

Because of this, James Hurysz decided to run for Arlington Board of Supervisors in the Democratic primary. He ran for Congress twice as an Independent after quitting the Democratic Party (2004, 2006). In the Commonwealth of Virginia, there is no need to register with a party, and it is common for people to run for public office as Independents. He ran for office on a platform that said the U.S. should stay out of conflicts in the third world and be ready for the huge population growth that is expected in the twenty-first century.

After running for Congress, James Hurysz became more worried about how the rapid growth of the city in his hometown was making life worse there. He voted for local, state, and national candidates who cared as much as he did about making the community a better place to live. After Jim died, he kept providing quality assurance (QA) services to industrial businesses to make sure that the economy, environment, and society would be stable in the long run.

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